Smart Guns Will Identify People Will Launch This Year
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Smart Guns that can identify people will launch this year, these can be fired only by verified users. After almost a decade smart guns will become available for US consumers and perhaps help stop massacres’

According to Reuters, the Four-year-old LodeStar Works on Friday unveiled its 9mm smart handgun for shareholders and investors in Boise, Idaho. SmartGunz LLC, a Kansas company said, the law enforcement agents are beta testing its product, a similar but simpler model.Smart Guns Will Identify People Will Launch This Year_1It looks like both companies will be able to make the product available commercially in 2022. The move comes after nearly 2 decades of concerns over the reliability of smart guns and will usher in a new wave of government regulation.

LodeStar co-founder Gareth Glaser said he was hearing one too many stories about children shot while playing with an unattended gun.Smart Guns Will Identify People Will Launch This Year_2The introduction of smart guns will put an end to such tragedies since the technology authenticates a user’s identity and the gun is disabled if anyone else tries to fire it. 

The gun may help in reducing the number of suicides, and turn lost guns or stolen guns useless offering added safety for police officers and jail guards who fear gun grabs.Smart Guns Will Identify People Will Launch This Year_3

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