Snoop Dogg and Son Collaborate with Clay Nation NFT Project on Cardano
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Celebrities getting involved with NFT projects is not new, Snoop Dogg and his son  Champ Medici collaborate with Clay Nation NFT Project on Cardano. 

Clay Nation NFT stated that the collaboration will bring iconic clay animation, land pitches, and unlockable music content to Cardano.

The recent collaboration means Clay Nation and Cardano users can now acquire land pitches. While members of Clay Nation’s, Cardano community will be able to access exclusive land pitches. This will be an exclusive offer to the 19,500 land pitches in the Sonic and Underworld areas. This is in addition to the other 1,500 pitches that are on reserve. These pitches will be part of the total available lot of land that is in the virtual reality project.

While a large percentage of the land on Bakes Nation is on reservation for the public. This offer will offer fans outside the Cardano ecosystem an opportunity to be a part of the Clay Nation community.

There are 10000 Cardano NFT avatar collections at Clay Mate’s Clay Nation. These are a set of qualities that qualifies the generation of each unique Clay Nation NFT.Snoop Dogg and Son Collaborate with Clay Nation NFT Project on CardanoAccording to Clay Mates, “We allocated 19.5k lands for holders on a 1:1 basis (sonic and underworld) +1500 baked – the majority of baked was public mint to welcome new people from beyond Cardano to Clay Nation, which in turn benefits holders as we grow.”

You can check your eligibility on the Clay Nation eligibility platform, to know the availability status. You will be required to enter your Cardano addresses in the provided space. If you are eligible you can proceed to buy pitches in the Underworld areas and Sonic. While investors eligible can claim up to 10 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a transaction.

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