SolPugs to Launch NFT Gaming Marketplace on Solana
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SolPugs to launch NFT gaming marketplace on Solana will be the first live virtual claw machine on the platform. Solana has been performing steadily and has broken into the top ten cryptocurrencies.

SolPugs, a new blockchain-based platform focuses on building gaming arcades with fully integrated blockchain enabling users to win NFTs. The platform has planned the launch for the first quarter of October 2021.

SolPugs will also be launching its NFT, while the marketplace will feature 5000 unique pugs with 70+ characteristics. The pugs have been designed by SolPugs in-house digital artists.

According to SolPugs spokesperson, it has a system algorithm to design new unique pugs after every minting session. This allows the platform to develop unique pubs, with no chance of duplicating pugs in the ecosystem. Users will enjoy a unique experience with 5,000 pugs offering 70+ attributes.

The various pugs available on the platform are, Party Pug, Afro Pug, to Nice Pug, along with many more SolPugs will offer various pugs for minting. Users can also win pugs from a whitelist provided to them while playing on SolPlug’s virtual claw machines or whitelist contests. Users can avail five pug rarities, while minting a pug turns it into a rarity.SolPugs to Launch NFT Gaming Marketplace on Solana-1The list of pugs will be listed by SolPugs across marketplaces such as Digitaleyes. market,,, etc. The platform intends to provide value through the pugs, such as storing a pug allowing users to post NFTs on SolPugs’ marketplaces. Earlier SolPugs wanted to bring the claw machine to app stores, later the team decided to launch an NFT project on Solana.

Solana’s newfound popularity will certainly boost the project by adding value to the NFT sector.

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