Somizi Mhlongo WhatsApp Account Hacked
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“Idols SA” judge and cookbook author Somizi Mhlongo WhatsApp account has been hacked. 

The star informed about the hack on Tuesday said, “I suspect my number has been hacked coz all of a sudden my WhatsApp and texts are not working … and I can’t dial out … Please be warned about anyone pretending to be me asking for an e-wallet”.

He did try to resolve the issue on his own but ran out of luck as it said WhatsApp is not linked to the provider. In the meantime the hackers were “robbing people left, right and centre” he said.


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A post shared by Somizi (@somizi)

Somizi took to Instagram today to inform people how serious the matter is with a short video. 


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A post shared by Somizi (@somizi)

The video caption said, “The hacking nightmare. I am still hacked.”

He added, “Why would it take three days to fix something that should be fixed immediately.

It’s an emergency, people are being robbed out there, and people could be hurt, hijacked or kidnapped with the scammers using my number. Please be careful … I am still hacked,” 

There were some interesting comments in response to his message. Some users mentioned the star’s former partner Mohale Motaung, for the petty crime.

Actress Winnie Ntshaba commented, “I got the WhatsApp message and I asked the person to send a voice note, and they disappeared!!!”.

Someone said, “SomSom, sorry my dear brother. God will protect you and bless you more in front of your hackers, He still gonna set the golden table in front of your enemies.”

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