Spiderman movie torrents contains malicious XMR mining programs
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Spiderman movie torrents contain malicious XMR mining programs. The latest Marvel Spiderman movie – No Way Home comes with malware linked to the movie and cryptos, a novelty in the financial market.

According to researchers, XMR mining is copied into the download file in a torrent of Russian origin. The malicious program is installed without authorization by a cloud mining system inside a torrent.

This is the first time a malicious program is linked with crypto mining that breaks into the computers of movie fans.

Studies reveal the Spiderman movie with malicious code is undergoing rampant sharing on a Russian torrent website. The popularity of the movie is the primary source of it being selected to filter out permissionless mining programs. After the success of the Spiderman trilogy, the latest spidey offering has witnessed its piracy via torrents has skyrocketed.

Within two weeks of its release, the latest Spiderman movie has grossed over $1 billion. This boom has not only attracted fans but also criminals who have created a strategy to generate easy money.

According to the police, hackers are using legitimate names to cover up malicious programs from being scanned by the antivirus. Looks like the malicious software is geared with a mechanism to bypass the Windows Firewall.

Effects of cloud mining on your Computer
The effects of cloud mining on your computer are harmful, according to the researchers it does not affect your computer performance but it does affect its energy consumption.

Cloud mining requires a lot of energy for cryptocurrencies, which means you will end up paying high bills. For instance, when you download the pirated version of the movie, you could end up on the losing side within months.

There has been a rise in crypto scam incidents in 2021, especially after the rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, reaching a value of $60000.

According to media reports, the Spiderman file with XRM is used to mine the Monero token trading at $233.46. Once the movie torrent is downloaded on the victim’s computer the illegal crypto mining may slow down the computer by usually up to 10 percent.

So the next time you download your Spidey movie be careful and get exposed to such computer scams. Ideally, we would advise you to see the movie and avoid piracy.

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