Squid Game inspired new Cryptocurrency Soars
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The Squid Game inspired new Cryptocurrency soars 25000% in less than a week. Squid Game is one of the biggest ever series launched on Netflix has even managed to influence the cryptocurrency world with a SQUID token made with its name. 

The new cryptocurrency has proved to be an instant hit like the dystopian series. It was trading at around 1.2 cents on Tuesday, October 26, compared to $3.05 as of today, October 29.

According to CoinMarketCap, and Business Insider the SQUID token market cap is now at approximately $240 million. While the Whitepaper suggests on October 20, pre-sales for the currency first began, however, they sold out ‘in one second’, according to the SQUID tokens. 

According to the whitepaper, “The Squid Game project is a crypto play to earn platform inspired by the Korean hit series on Netflix about a deadly tournament of children’s games.Squid Game inspired new Cryptocurrency Soars

Rather than 456 players drawn from different walks of life but each deeply in debt chosen intentionally by the organizers in the drama, everyone here in the crypto world can participate in the Squid Game with SQUID token or related NFTs in our marketplace.”

Identical to the series, the project consists of six games, each has an entry fee and players are only able to continue to the next game if they pass the previous one.

The project won’t take the same deadly risks of the program though more with more people joining the reward pool will be larger and it would “not provide deadly consequences.”

According to the whitepaper, “Your experience will only reflect on the joy of winning rewards and sorrow of losing money when the game failed”

Riding on the success of Netflix’s Squid Game series, the Crypto Squid Game project hopes to replicate it not by providing realistic gameplays but also by professional marketing strategies.

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