Taiwan Joins the List of Countries to Ban TikTok
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Taiwan joins the list of countries to ban TikTok on grounds of national security following last week’s ban in South Dakota.

According to Brendan Carr, the US FCC Commissioner, Taiwan’s move was “smart” and its Ministry of Digital Affairs as having “strong leadership.” He congratulated the Taiwanese government in a tweet

US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) director Chris Wray, at the University of Michigan last Friday mentioned the security dangers associated with TikTok and warned against its use.

Beyond the issues with ByteDance’s data collection and its potential as a tool for espionage, Wray said Beijing could have control over the app’s algorithm and thus influence its users.

TikTok has been accused of its ability to promote extremism by trolling its users. “A user could feasibly download the app at breakfast and be fed overtly white supremacist and neo-Nazi content before lunch,” researchers Olivia Little and Abbie Richards revealed in their studies last year.

According to a report, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council has said that the government has prohibited Chinese-funded corporations from operating online platforms in Taiwan and ByteDance is not authorized to operate in Taiwan.

TikTok and Douyin apps can still be downloaded in Taiwan, and ISPs have not been banned from allowing private citizens to install them.

A new public sector ban on mobile phones, PCs, and tablets put in place by the government of Taiwan does prohibit TikTok.

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