Tech Firms Woo Ex-Twitter Staff to Work for Them
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Tech firms woo ex-Twitter staff to work for them after being terminated by Elon Musk’s management. Many of the talent-starving technology firms have grabbed this opportunity to lure thousands of former Twitter Inc employees laid off by the social media company under its new owner.

After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, they fired multiple executives and enforced tough job cuts with no warning. Around half their employees – over 3,700 people – were laid off.

Hundreds of employees are reported to have left as a result of his recent sweeping reforms. In Monday’s development, the head of French operations became the latest high-level manager to leave.

With the privacy scandal and the following attempts to boycott Facebook, some companies are now seeking out talented engineers who would be willing to work for them by appealing to their disdain for Facebook and its methods.

According to Katie Burke, chief people officer at U.S. software company Hubspot (HUBS.N), Elon Musk fired employees that criticized him on the company’s internal Slack channels. 

In a Linkedin post, she wrote: “As a leader, getting criticized is part of your job. Great leaders recognize debate and disagreement make you better and are part of the process. If you want to find an environment where you can disagree (in a kind and respectful manner) with people, HubSpot is hiring.”

Anthony Burke’s post has been gaining tons of attention. As of Monday night, it had 35,000 good reactions on Linkedin.

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