Telstra Wrongly Publishes Upto 130000 Customers’ Details Online
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Telstra wrongly publishes up to 130,000 customers’ details online. According to the telecom company, the mistake was due to “misalignment of databases” that led to the release of the names, numbers, and addresses of some unlisted customers, and apologized for the same. 

It further clarified that the release was not due to any malicious cyber attack.

Telstra executive, Michael Ackland, said it is an unacceptable breach of customers’ trust and was sorry it occurred, and promised not to let them down. The company said they were working on pulling the data from the internet.

Auckland further added, “We are conducting an internal investigation to better understand how it happened and to protect against it happening again.”

Earlier incidents at Optus and Medibank that led to customer data breaches were linked to poor security that allowed bad actors to steal thousands of customers’ data.

In the past, Minister of Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil has criticized companies for having poor customer data protection measures. It remains unclear what steps are being taken to strengthen laws on the handling of sensitive information and data hacking.

The incidents with Optus and Medibank raised questions about why companies would retain sensitive data years after they no longer needed it.

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