Tesla Reveals its New AI Training System - DOJO
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On the occasion of its AI Day, Tesla Reveals its New AI Training System – DOJO.

It has been designed in-house to tackle the hunger for speed as well as capacity for neural-network training.

According to Ganesh Venkataramanan from Tesla, “The project aims to achieve best AI training performance and enable larger and more complex neural net models.”

The new AI training system – DOJO will be powerful, cost-effective, and powered by a distributed computing architecture. It will feature a large compute plane and facilitate high bandwidth and low latencies. Apart from this, it will also include several layers, this includes a chip, the system, a compute cluster, and additional software.

Mr. Venkataramanan further added, “It will be the fastest AI training computer. We have a whole next-generation plan already.”

Elon Musk, Tesla’s, CEO said, Dojo will be operational from next year.Tesla Bot

Tesla also unveiled plans for a human-sized robot dubbed Tesla Bot. It will be a life-sized, 125 lbs humanoid bot, that will eliminate dangerous, repetitive, and boring tasks. The Tesla Bot can also perform deadlifts up to 150 lbs.

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