This Website shuts down at Night
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Can you imagine this website shuts down at night, is a Japanese website that closes at night? The site coded in such a way it puts the website to bed too. in Japanese means “everyone”, it is a simple program that puts your website to sleep. It encourages its users to go to bed, supports better health wellbeing, and happiness.

Generally, we have witnessed tech entrepreneurs and companies build websites that are engaging, informative, and optimized for profits. Seldom do we come across sites that focus on user wellbeing, as the success of the experience can prove to harm people accessing their website.

The feature to put your website to sleep at bedtime is something you can implement on your website to improve the lives of people that use your website. Literally by taking universal responsibility for the impact of your website on others. It will be a small step towards improving the world we live in.

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