TikTok Joins the NFT Bandwagon
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TikTok joins the NFT bandwagon, though it will follow the old-school style. The China-based social media giant took out a full-page black and white text ad in the New York Times.

TikTok is now leveraging content from some of its popular creators to make an entry into the NFT world. Earlier last week the social media giant announced it has over one billion active monthly users worldwide.

TikTok will make a splash in the NFT world with its first series from Lil Nas X set to drop on October 6. The company is also getting the environmental credentials sorted out.

TikTok NFT will be available on a dedicated site supported by Immutable X. Immutable X is a two scaling solution for Ethereum. The social media giant suggested all its transactions will be 100% carbon neutral.

In the advertisement published by suggesting TikTok wants to be the platform that continues to quote and find innovative ways to recognize and reward our creators.

Though the ads newsprint is perhaps not the most innovative idea to venture into the NFT world, possibly a digital advertisement would have been a better option.

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