TikTok Tests Age-Rated Content Restrictions
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TikTok is testing a new age-rated content restrictions feature that will prevent adult content from reaching teenage users of its short video app, the company said at a news briefing.

TikTok video-sharing platform is very popular among teens and will run a small test to see how adult-rated content could be restricted from accounts belonging to younger users, either by the user or their parents and guardians.

According to ByteDance, owners of TikTok, they are working on various types of content-rated standards already in place for movies and gaming. The test will offer creators an option to specify if they want their content to only be viewed by older audiences.

Recently many social media platforms have been under scrutiny over measures taken for the wellbeing and safety of younger users. US lawmakers have slapped Meta, Instagram, and WhatsApp over their plan to introduce a version of Instagram for kids.

TikTok has been found guilty of promoting posts related to eating disorders, though it maintains it bans such content. In a blog post, the social media platform said it will start removing posts promoting broader disordered-eating content as well.

TikTok said, “We understand that people can struggle with unhealthy eating patterns and behavior without having an eating disorder diagnosis. Our aim is to acknowledge more symptoms, such as overexercise or short-term fasting, that are frequently under-recognized signs of a potential problem.”

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