TubeFlash Umbrella Keeps Pedestrians Safe By Boosting Visibility On Dimly Lit Roads
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TubeFlash Umbrella designed by Jason Su keeps pedestrians safe by boosting visibility on dimly lit roads and also is easy to fold. 

The TubeFlash Umbrella is different from the regular archetype black umbrellas as it is built using 3M Scotchlite reflective tape around the edge of the umbrella. 

 The TubeFlash Umbrella looks normal but shines bright in dim light as it catches photons from far away and reflects them in all directions, especially back to the light source. This enables cars and bikes to see the umbrella from far off, eliminating any element of surprise and keeping pedestrians visible and safe on rainy nights.

Umbrellas provide protection from the rain, but can also make it difficult to navigate the city at night because pedestrians are not able to see the faces of others without an umbrella.This makes it a bit dangerous for pedestrians trying to navigate the city on rainy evenings and nights.

The TubeFlash Umbrella shuts down in 2 seconds and transforms into a compact version of its former self. Thanks to the shape-memory fabric that opens out into the umbrellas signature design. The patented octagon shaped shaft enables you to open and close the telescopic handle effortlessly.TubeFlash Umbrella Keeps Pedestrians Safe By Boosting Visibility On Dimly Lit Roads-1Brolly’s Aquarepel coated fabric makes it ing that makes it entirely hydrophobic, along with a special UPPF50+ coating that blocks out 99.9% of UV radiation from the sun, that no only protect you from water but also your skin. 

The pièce de résistance of this umbrella is its reflective patches, strategically placed around the base of the umbrella. They help boost visibility at night and shout out to those around you. You have the option to walk around with your umbrella as usual or if you need some extra light, twirl it around for just that purpose.TubeFlash Umbrella Keeps Pedestrians Safe By Boosting Visibility On Dimly Lit Roads-2The umbrella is available in three colors – Classic Black, Smoky Blue, and Morandi Redand starts at $44 for early bird backers.

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