Uber Revamps App Safety features Includes New Way  To Text 911
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Uber revamps its four year old app with safety features, this includes a new way to text 911. The latest safety feature for riders to contact security company ADT during rides. 

The safety toolkit is a section of the Uber app that allows customers to contact emergency services, report their location to family, and card your safety concern. It was created in 2018 as they continue to try and improve their record on safety. More and more service providers are implementing this toolkit, indicating improving conditions.

The lead safety product manager Rebecca Payne says that it is time for an upgrade and the new app features many new safety features.

Uber’s new updates make it easier to access the toolkit by tapping on the shield-shaped icon. It now features four options: contact 911, contact an ADT safety agent, share trip status, and report a safety issue to the company.

ADT safety agents are one of Uber’s newest features, and they can send a report directly to law enforcement in the event of an open 911-level emergency.

In 2020, Uber updated their app with a feature that allowed riders to report inappropriate drivers immediately. The reports include instances such as harsh braking, comments and distracted driving.

Uber believes that most rides end without incident. Their recent safety report found that there has been a 38% drop in sexual assaults during 2019-2020 as compared to the previous report.

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