UK Asks Meta Twitter and TikTok to Block RT and Sputnik After EU Ban
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UK asks Meta, Twitter and TikTok to block RT and Sputnik news channels. This was called for just after the European Union officially banned broadcasts, app downloads, and sharing content on social media from RT as well as Sputnik within the bloc.

According to the EU officials, these steps were taken to counter the destabilizing impact of propaganda concerning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine aired by both services.

British Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has made a request following the EU decision to censor Russian state media. Last week she wrote to regulator Ofcom urging them to consider the position of RT, formerly called Russia Today. The watchdog has opened 27 investigations into RT’s impartiality in the past four days.

Dorries wrote to all three social media platforms saying, “Given the exceptional and intolerable nature of the current situation, and in parallel to the work Ofcom is doing, I want to urge you to do everything you can to apply the approach you are taking across the EU to block access both to RT and to Sputnik’s online output (including the latter’s radio and audio services) on your U.K. services.”

Earlier the EU had barred the channel from reaching many televisions in the U.K. since the RT was broadcasting over satellites owned by SES SA, which is based in Luxembourg. Though users are still able to access RT content via TikTok and Meta’s Facebook and Instagram in the U.K.

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