New in iOS 14.5
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Apple has released the latest iOS 14.5 update, it not only offers privacy changes but has a few other upgrades too. The latest privacy policy changes will now prompt user permission when they access apps such as Facebook that are known to track users across other apps and websites.

This is not the only update that comes with the latest iOS 14.5 for iPhone and iPad users. The latest iOS updates offer a number of new and updates changes mentioned below:

Change Siri’s Voice

Now you can change the voice of Siri, Apple’s digital assistant according to your preferences. To change the voice of Siri, go to Settings, then Siri & Search followed by Siri Voice. You can choose from the four different voices available. You can also choose a variety such as American, British, Australian, Indian, Irish, or South African. All new iPhone and iPad users will be prompted to change Siri’s voice when they first get their device.

Support for AirTags

Apple recently introduced the AirTags, a product similar to Tile. You can attach the AirTags to your backpack or luggage, it helps you track them. The latest iOS updates will support AirTags and can manage them via the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.

Report an Apple Maps incident

Apple has added a feature similar to Waze, to its own maps tool. Users from the US and China can alert Siri of a hazard up ahead or a nearby crash. It allows users to tap “Report An Issue” within the app itself.

Unlock your phone with your Apple Watch

Now apart from the regular Face ID, iPhone users will be able to unlock their phones by using your smartwatch. All you need to do is a glance at the screen, you will receive a buzz on your watch to confirm the phone is unlocked. The feature works on all Apple iPhone X and later models and with Apple watches from Series 3.