WhatsApp New Features
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WhatsApp New Features will soon allow you to send messages to yourself, survey and many more additional features in its upcoming updates. Some of these features have been spotted prior to the release. 

You can soon send messages to yourself. The latest feature is part of an update to the multi-device feature launched earlier this year.

How can you send messages to yourself?
A new WhatsApp feature has been spotted in the desktop beta, which allows users to send a message to themselves. WABetaInfo reports that the meta-owned messaging app is working on this new functionality.

Telegram already offers the ability to send a message or media to your past self with just a few clicks. This is very useful if you want to save important messages or media so that you can go back and look at them in the future.

WhatsApp new feature will enable users to save any content, including texts, images and videos. This information will be accessible anytime you want, on your phone.

WhatsApp users can now not only chat with friends, but WhatsApp will also be working on a new survey feature. This would be used by the company exclusively to get feedback about how people use the app.

If you decline the request, they will not send any further messages. They may also contact you through a chat service such as Whatsapp.

WhatsApp announced that they will use AI to take feedback on recent changes and updates.

Current and past bug reports
With this new feature, users can report possible bugs on the app to help improve the app. This can be done through the use of text as well as an illustration that supports your problem.

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