WhatsApp Scam - ‘Child in Need’ ‘Parents get duped
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A new WhatsApp Scam is making rounds, parents are being scammed on WhatsApp by scammers posing as distressed children in need of immediate cash. 

Many people in Britain have been conned out of almost £50,000 by such types of scams. According to Metro, there have been 25 such instances of scams between August and October with victims losing around £48,356.

According to Bedford, a victim who shared a WhatsApp message to warn others mentioned, ‘Hey, mum it’s me. I got a new number u can delete the old one,’ 

The scammers would reply back saying ‘Your oldest and cutest child xx.’ when the victim asked who the unknown texter was. 

The scammer would further go on to explain how he got a new phone and was in a process of transferring everything and claimed his banking app was locked out for 48 hrs. 

Further the scammer would send another message which said, ‘Very annoying because I can’t do anything about it. Could you possibly pay for it for me and I’ll return it as soon as possible? Sorry to bother you with this.’

Though in the case of Bedford she called her daughter who confirmed she was not sending the messages. Upon which she realized she was being targeted by a fraudster and she immediately warned others. 

WhatsApp has been used in such acts before too, in August a nurse was conned £2,500 after a scammer pretended to be her son. WhatsApp in September warned users about the scam, where the fraudster could steal thousands from them. 

According to Policy Manager Kathryn Harnett, “WhatsApp protects our users’ personal messages with end-to-end encryption, but we want to remind people that we all have a role to play in keeping our accounts safe by remaining vigilant to the threat of scammers”

He further added, “We advise all users never to share their six-digit PIN code with others, not even friends or family, and recommend that all users set up two-step verification for added security.”

If you do receive a suspicious message (even if you think you know who it’s from), calling or requesting a voice note is the fastest and simplest way to check someone is who they say they are, according to Whatsapp.

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