WhatsApps NEW Design for your iPhone Leaked Online
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WhatsApps new design for your iPhone leaked online, it will offer a very clean and perhaps remove the row where you open your broadcast lists and create new groups. 

WhatsApp has been planning on these changes for years, looks like you will be able to enjoy them for real. According to WABetaInfo the messenger will allow users to create new groups when you tap the button “Start New Chat” at the top right. No more will you require to remove that row, along with Broadcast Lists as seen in the screenshot below. WhatsApps NEW Design for your iPhone Leaked Online_1With these changes, it will be easy to move to a New Group, as you will already have an option to make new chats at the top right of the app.

To Broadcast users will have to Tap it when they choose the Start New Chat option. There will also be a button for it in your Contacts List.

Though keep in mind these features are under development mode so it will take time for WhatsApp to roll them out for the general public, or they can also be scrapped. Until then we can stay positive about its arrival in the near future. You can enjoy them on your iPhone via WhatsApp beta version by opting to be a Beta Tester. 

How to Get WhatsApp Beta?
In order to download WhatsApp beta head over to the Google Play store on your Android Phone and search WhatsApp. Scroll down to view “Become a Beta Tester”. Tap the option “I’m In” button and click “Join” to confirm.

After you have done this, wait for the update to the beta version of the app. Though it is not easy to join the WhatsApp beta on iPhone and also has a limited capacity.

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