XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike Available for Sale 
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With the XTurismo limited edition hoverbike available for sale you don’t need to wait for a Flying Car if only you can afford to spend around $680,000. The XTurismo hoverbike is the first commercially available flying motorcycle and the future of the automotive industry.

Over the years a number of concepts have been around like jet packs, wingsuits, flying cars, and of course the hoverbikes. This is perhaps the first practical vehicle we have witnessed in many years. The idea of riding a flying car is fascinating and being able to dodge the daily traffic congestion and fly your way to the office or back home.XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike Available for Sale-1This idea has seen the light of day thanks to the efforts of the Japanese drone company by the name of A.L.I. Technologies. Their hardwood has paid off and is ready to present the first practical hoverbike on the market.

The drone manufacturer’s eye-catching hoverbike is backed by Mitsubishi and star footballer Keisuke Honda. The XTurismo Limited Edition is powered by real-world tech that opens up a new dimension in personal transportation. In the near future, hoverbikes can be a common sight, it comes with an upper body that looks like an everyday motorbike and is powered by a conventional engine. The engine is driven by battery-powered motors that propel it to reach top speeds of 62mph for a good 40 minutes on one go.XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike Available for Sale-2

XTurismo Limited Edition hoverbike Available for Sale-3

The hoverbike weighs around 300kgs and features a predominantly black body with red accents. It looks like a jet ski that stands rock solid when parked and features six rotors that can, as seen in the video, rotate to lift the bike around 10 feet off the ground. The rotors are placed strategically with two big ones at the front and the other two are placed on the sides of the hovering motorbike.

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