Yamaha Working on Second Generation Electric Trials Bike
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Yamaha working on a second-generation electric trials bike, after the launch of the TY-E electric trials bike in 2018. Motorcycle trails are exciting and an ultimate test of pure skill and fine control. It makes hopping on rocks, climbing near-vertical hills, or rolling over narrow logs look easy, though being powered by an electric motor is quite a challenge. 

According to Yamaha, the electric trial bike is designed to offer riders more fun than the regular two-stroke machines.  The electric trials offer powerful torque and fast acceleration.

The latest TY-E electric trials bike is built around a new monocoque frame design. The X-shaped rib makes use of composite laminates to keep things light and rigid, which makes it lightweight at around 70 kg (~154 lb).Yamaha Working on Second Generation Electric Trials BikeAs far as the electric power unit and battery layout are concerned it is different from the earlier generation bikes. The latest version will offer a lower center of gravity and the Li-ion battery is reported to have 2.5x more capacity than before with only a 20 percent increase in weight.

The flywheel and mechanical wet, multi-plate clutch remain the same while the power unit gets an upgrade for better response and improved traction.

According to Yamaha, the second generation electric trials bike has a minimum ground clearance of 340 mm (13.4 in). You can visit Yamaha’s booth at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show from March 25 to get up close and personal with TY-E 2.0. Later the electric trials bike will appear in select rounds of the 2022 Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Trial World Championship from June.

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