Features A New Look And Private Mode
Reading Time: < 1 minute features a new look and a private mode. The new search engine is certainly challenging Google’s dominance as it promises better privacy and more elaborate results.

The startup is co-founded by Richard Socher, Salesforce’s former chief scientist and a natural language processing researcher along with former Salesforce AI leader Bryan McCann. 

Currently, the new search domain is in public beta testing. The company promises not to sell users’ personal information, track them online or profile them for targeted ads and an incognito mode with full anonymity. was launched on Tuesday with $20 million in funding from venture capital firms and from a big name in tech, Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff. presents results in a grid style, this separated information based on search types such as websites, YouTube videos, tweets, and TikToks. It also allows developers to write extensions to further curate search results.

With many companies willing to take on Google, according to Stat Counter, an analytics firm it accounts for 92% of searches worldwide. Others like DuckDuckGo, Brave, Ecosia, and StartPage all promise better privacy. Many of them use Microsoft’s Bing in the background, though none of them have managed to dent Google dominance. 

The timing of the launch is appropriate with antitrust regulators eyeing Google’s business. Google promotes its own projects, this can be seen from the fact that it is the default search engine in its Chrome browser and Android phone software. The search engine giant also urges its users to use Gmail, Google Docs, and other properties to switch their browser to Chrome.

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