Public Dislike Numbers
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It is not a good sign to be on someone’s most disliked list, but we have been having YouTube’s Public Dislike numbers for quite a while. This list tells the audience which videos are most disliked, to name a few popular disliked videos would-be classics like Justin Bieber’s Baby, Nicki Minaj Anaconda, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer, and more.

The good news is YouTube is working on removing public dislikes. This means now there will be no dislike button available for users, the content creators will only be able to view the metric.

Currently, YouTube is testing this feature with a select group of users. Tweets revealed the screenshot of the potential interface the user may experience soon. The screenshot reveals users can still view the number of likes under the thumbs up button. Though the “dislike” button does not have any number displayed on it.

Earlier incidents like the mass disliking of the futuristic infinite Warfare trailer are an example of how a “targeted dislike campaign” can ruin things. A similar reaction came from the viewers when a bunch of people ordered a mass dislike of Jimmy Kimmel’s video.

It’s still early days there are viewers in favor and against this decision. Only time will tell what feature we get to see for real in the forthcoming months.