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Hackers Zoom bombed at the Woman’s Day event in Vancouver. The Richmond Women’s Resource Centre had hosted the fundraising event. 

The hackers posted pornographic images along with racist and sexist comments during a zoom call. 

Tammi Belfer, president of the organization said, “At first it was some colouring on the PowerPoint slides of the keynote speakers, who were two young women who came to speak.”

Baffled by what was on screen the presenters warned the audience about something unusual happening. 

Emotionally disturbed Belfer described how after some music came on followed by pornography. Later they all started getting horrific messages with sexual connotations, calling people old hags. She also mentioned somebody calling the N-word. The entire incident has left her completely heartbroken. 

She further said the hackers used inappropriate, unacceptable language, while they tried to shut it down. She went on to make it clear their organization is a volunteer organization. They had hired two part-time staff people and a young woman to help them organise the woman’s day event. 

They tried to shut down the system but the hackers repeatedly kept hacking their names and changed their names to login. 

Belter added the incident has brought their work to the forefront, as they continue to work to make people understand it is not normal and is unacceptable to the kind of behaviour they had to put up with. 

The woman’s day event continued as planned with around 80 people participating in it with a bit of disruption non the less. 

Source: ctvnews