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You have used bulbs for years now, are you ready to start using Smart Bulb. Smart bulbs are quite different from the LED bulbs as they do much more than just sit in a socket and light the room. Smart bulbs are capable of doing many things as they can be wirelessly connected to phone apps and much more.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Smart Bulb

Easy to Control

As the Smart bulbs are connected to an App they are easy to set up and control. Some of these smart bulbs come with scheduling features where you can control the lights while you are on vacation. This feature can sum up as a security option as well while you are away, as your house never looks empty. Many smart bulbs come with a hub that can sync all of your lights together so you can control all of them with one app.

Turn Dim

Smart Bulbs come with a basic feature where you can dim them without having to install dimmer switches in your home. The bulbs can be remotely dim or brighten the bulb’s corresponding app.

Change Colours

You already know how easily you can dim the smart bulb, but there are many other models like the Philips Hue which can produce a range of over 16 million colors. You can select the exact color you want by tapping a color wheel in the bulb’s app. If you hate the color of your wall in the room simply add a little blue yellow or red hue with a low-intensity setting to your everyday lighting. Easily change the colors to match your mood and the theme of the room.

Listen to your Favourite Music

You can have a wire-free experience of enjoying your music in every room, as some smart bulbs also come with an inbuilt speaker. MiPow PlayBulb comes with lights that pulsate and change colors to match the mood of the music coming out of its speakers. It’s like a party in a bulb.

Though there is an issue as the speaker’s volume is not very loud. It is decent enough when you are listening to the music in a room, but once you move from one room to another you can’t hear.

Helps you sleep better

Some of the smart bulbs like C Sleep can also make you sleep better, as they come with features that emit several color temperatures that are designed to help regulate natural melatonin production in the body. These light settings help suppress your melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you get near bedtime.