offers New Smart Arming Feature
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The new Smart Arming feature will be available on home security systems powered by, making it slightly harder for you to trip your alarm by mistake.

What is Smart Arming?

Smart Arming is quick and intuitive to set up which allows you to choose the time of day you typically want the system armed at night (e.g., after 11 p.m.) and disarmed in the morning (e.g., at 7 a.m.). Later you can simply go about their daily routines. Once the system detects activity or motion (such as when an early riser goes downstairs ahead of schedule at 6:15 a.m.), the system automatically disarms.

The smart arming feature awarded the CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, not only schedules arming and disarming but intelligently adapts to your daily routines. 

Smart Arming does not use AI

You might think the smart arming feature uses AI or machine learning, but that’s not the case. According to Abe Kinney, senior director of product management at, it takes input from sensors throughout the home to determine when to disarm. It’s not learning your patterns, but it does understand them. It 

There are a number of other smart security devices such as Ecobee. It uses facial recognition to disarm automatically when it recognizes someone who comes home. But the idea that your alarm system can know no one has broken in when your preschooler goes to the kitchen for an early morning snack without needing a camera in your home is even better than a whimpering dog, the only thing between you and danger.

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