Amazon's Latest Affordable Smart Switches
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Amazon’s latest affordable smart switches are top-notch, the four Basics Smart Switches are priced under $20. In Fact, these new smart switches are way cheaper than smart bulbs that can help you get voice control, dimming, and scheduling features to your room.

Smart light switches are often a better and cheaper option compared to smart bulbs. You can choose from a basic single-pole switch ($18), a single-pole dimming switch ($19), a basic three-way switch ($19), or if you’re crazy enough, a 3-way dimmer ($21).

These smart lighting switches come with a built-in dimmer, though you can stick with the standard models. As it helps you control your home’s lighting using schedules or voice commands.

These smart switches do come with a few drawbacks, as it requires neutral wires and you may not find them if you live in an old home or apartment. The other drawback is it only works with Alexa assistant. We would like to mention GE does sell smart switches which don’t require a neutral wire, though they are priced almost double that of Amazon’s smart switches.

With Amazon committed to Matter will introduce the universal smart home standard in 2022, so don’t be surprised to see these smart switches add Google Assistant and HomeKit support soon.

So grab the offer on Amazon and buy one for as low as $20, you may also love to buy Amazon’s new smart thermostat, this might prove to be an even better bargain than Amazon’s latest affordable smart switches.

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