Best Smart Home devices for 2021
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With the development of technology, we can now enjoy a number of smart home devices. Installing a single device can lead to performing the task in a much better way.

We will talk about the best smart home devices for 2020 which will make your life easy. You can install add a smart plug to automate the lamp or invest in Alexa or Google Assistant speaker. There are numerous smart home devices available that can make your life even better.

If you are considering going with the option of installing smart home devices this year, our list of products is just what you would want to look at. These smart home products will work with various voice assistants out there.

We have made an effort to cover each aspect while choosing the products, though there are tons of such products we have made our best effort to present you with our best list of smart home devices for 2020.

You may have a different opinion, but we have done our best to hope you like it.

Best Smart Home devices for 2021

1. Wallflower Smart PlugWallflower Smart Plug

Cooking-related fires are on a rise each year in the US, Wallflower Smart Plug quickly and easily converts your existing stove into a smart appliance, helping you avoid the number one cause of home fires. It is easy to install, beeps, and sends a notification on your smartphone in case you forget to turn off the stove. The plug is neatly designed as it hides behind your stove and does not ruin the kitchen aesthetics. You can also modify the configuration if you wish to turn off the notification if you find it annoying.

2. Treatlife Smart Light SwitchTreatlife Smart Light SwitchTreatlife Smart Switch easily connects with your home WiFi network without any extra equipment. The switch comes properly labeled with wall plates and other accessories. Treatlife Smart Light Switch is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant which enables you to control your lights by your voice. The smart switch also comes with an app that allows you to turn on/off your appliance and set schedules with your smartphone.

3. August Smart LockAugust Smart LockAugust smart lock is an ideal solution for chronic key misplaced as it can lock and unlock your door, grant keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes. The smart lock simply attaches itself to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door and easy to install using a screwdriver.

The August Smart Lock is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be controlled remotely via the August mobile app, though you cannot connect using Apple HomeKit or Z-Wave smarts to connect to a smart hub. August Smart Lock is a moderately priced, capable smart door lock.

4. Flair Smart VentFlair Smart VentFlair smart vent keeps the room temperatures stable, balances heating, and across your home. Remotely control the temperatures in different rooms as per your requirement. You can also control the Flair Smart Vent via your voice as it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it also works well with ecobee and Honeywell smart thermostats.

5. LIFX + A19 Wi-Fi LED Smart bulbLIFX + A19 Wi-Fi LED Smart bulbLIFX + A19 Wi-Fi LED Smart bulb is a powerful smart light that comes with one trillion colors to choose from and also a warm white range. The smart build can reach up to 1100 lumens of blinding. It can connect to Wifi directly without the need for a hub. It gives you the power to control the bulb via voice commands as it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smart Things. LIFX smart bulb comes with infrared for Night vision and you can schedule on-off, fade, color change to provide you convenience, energy efficiency, and security while you are away from home.

6. August Smart Lock ProAugust Smart Lock ProAuto-lock and unlock the door, no need to use your keys with August Smart Lock Pro+. The smart lock is a hassle-free product easy to install with a reputation for being a standout smart product. You can lock and unlock the smart lock via voice automatically, it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also hand over temporary access, enable auto-lock and auto-unlock based on the proximity of your phone, and a history log of who comes and goes.

7. Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night LightVintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night LightVintar Re-chargeable 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light is a motion and light detector sensor. It detects body heat to automatically illuminate the room when you enter and shut off when you leave at night. No more getting lost in the dark. Vintar motion sensors can come with a rechargeable design and can last up to 2 months on a single charge. The product is 100% waterproof and can set a color to suit your mood from the 16 colors offered. You can adjust up to 5 different levels of brightness. Easily fits any toilet as it can be bent to secure the unit for any size toilet bowl.

8. Nest x Yale Lock with Nest ConnectNest x Yale Lock with Nest ConnectNest X Yale Lock with Nest Connect is a sleek-looking smart door lock. Using the Nest intuitive mobile app or web console allows you to control the smart lock. It is a good choice to buy especially if you already own a Nest device. The smart lock comes with a number of features such as Auto-Lock, One-Touch Locking, and a timeline that tells you who has locked and unlocked the door and when.

9. Owlet Home Smart Video DoorbellOwlet Home Smart Video Doorbell

Owlet Home Smart Video Doorbell is wireless and easy to install a smart doorbell. It comes with a free app for your Android and iOS smartphone which allows you easily control it by a simple tap. View live video and two-way audio on the go anywhere and anytime. The smart doorbell is equipped with night vision and sends a message to your mobile on detecting motion or when a visitor presses the doorbell. It consumes very low power and comes with two 18650 batteries which can be recharged via USB cable. It works for 6 months when used in low power mode. It gives you peace of mind about your home and your family’s safety.

10. Innens Smart WiFi Light Bulb SocketInnens Smart WiFi Light Bulb SocketInnens Smart WiFi Light Bulb Socket allows you to convert a normal bulb into a smart. With it, you can turn the bulb on/off. Using the Smart Life App which comes along with the smart socket you can control the bulb with a single tap on your mobile from anywhere. Innens Smart WiFi Light Bulb Socket supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which enables you to control it via voice. Using IFTTT you can create personalized Applets to trigger automatic actions on this bulb socket. The smart socket is compatible with E26/E27 bulbs and E27/E26 LED Bulbs. The smart socket is a smart way to easily control your lights from anywhere and decrease energy use.