Best Smart Lock Purchase Guide
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Smart locks may not be the most glamorous of products, but they have a lot of benefits. This piece of consumer technology is one of the best for giving people convenience when it comes to key management. There are many uses for a smart lock, from giving you some peace of mind if you left your door unlocked to being free from whoever has access to your home.

About Smart Lock
A smart lock is not all that different from a traditional lock. It’s actually just a Wi-Fi-enabled, app-connected lock. Using the app you can have your door unlocked automatically when you pull up to the home and send digital keys to visitors or contractors.

Do you know everything about smart locks? We’ll teach you what they are and how they work. What do you think? Can you guess these 7 things a smart lock can do?

Different  types of technology Smart Locks use

Smart locks can be controlled through Wi-Fi so you don’t need to manually provide instructions. The locking systems work closely with companion apps and usually connect to other smart home systems like Google or Alexa, as well as Apple HomeKit.

Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks may require more frequent battery replacement. Check recent reviews to see how long batteries tend to last for the model you’re considering.

Z-Wave is a low-energy radio signal, similar to Bluetooth with strong encryption and a better, stronger signal. If you’d prefer to use a Z-Wave smart lock, you will also likely need some kind of hub that creates a connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network (yes, you will still need Wi-Fi). One of the reasons some people prefer Z-Wave is that it doesn’t tie up Wi-Fi bandwidth needlessly and there tends to be less interference from other smart home devices.

Which Smart Lock is Suitable for you?
Many smart locks are direct replacements for your old, broken lock. With Wi-Fi capabilities, these locks can be brought online and be compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Apple HomeKit, or all three! If you’re using Z-Wave, there are also locks that are compatible with this protocol instead.

A smart lock will be compatible with a smart home system if it is connected to one. A bridge device is needed for a lock that cannot connect to a home system, and there are many options for what type of device to use as the bridge.

Cost of Smart Locks 
Smart locks cost more than basic deadbolts but provide security measures such as Wi-Fi and a companion app to ensure homeowners can open and lock their homes remotely. Cheaper smart locks are vulnerable and may allow individuals to pick the lock or break into the house.

Best Smart Locks
Some smart locks are of trusted brands such as Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset, but many budget locks are not trustworthy. Especially those with low price points and manufactured by companies never heard of. This may lead to granting access to hackers and hampering the security of your house. We also bring you a list of the best smart locks avoiding you from spending too much time hunting.

Best Smart Lock for Renters
One of the easiest locks for renters is the Wyze Smart Lock or even the August Smart Lock. These options allow you to remotely access the lock without altering any physical keys that your landlord may have.

How to Install a smart lock?How to Install a smart lock?There are two types of locks. The first type is called a ‘Smart Lock’; it includes replacing your entirety, locking set – including the bolt and inside lever. The second option is to replace the lock cylinder on your exterior deadbolt door, which is much easier with instructions from the smart lock’s apps.

If you want to replace your lock but not rebuild the whole door, replace it without replacing the deadbolt.

If you are new to installing a smart lock in your home a locksmith can help.

How to Unlock a Smart Lock?
There are almost as many ways to unlock a smart lock as there are brands. Here are the main options:

Keypad or touchscreen
Some smart locks use a keypad or touchscreen to punch a code and the possibility that burglars know your passcode. However, some locks like Weiser Premis generate another two-digit code, so you can’t be influenced by fingerprints.

A door lock that uses a biometric to access the lock is just a fancy word for this type of electronics. There are many commercial locks that use blood pressure or eye scanning, but fingerprint scanners are often used in domestic settings.

Smartphone/remote control
With the help of a smartphone and a companion app, you can unlock your door from anywhere. This is more convenient for temporarily allowing someone to place a package just inside your door.

If you use geofencing or geotagging, your door will automatically be locked when you leave the area. This can be really useful if you often forget to lock up.

Physical key or not?
Some smart locks have an emergency key, and some don’t have a keyhole at all.

Tap to unlock
Some locks, like Schlage Encode locks, allow you to use your phone as a key, just bringing it near the lock will generate a digital handshake and your door will open. Of course, you’ll need to securely unlock your phone first.

Can you use a smart lock on any door?
If you live in a newer home and are in the market for a smart lock, chances are that it will fit. Be sure to measure the door before ordering so that you know whether or not it will be compatible.

For door locks that can’t be replaced, a smart lock kit can help the user with their given situation.

With the smart lock technology improving, a popular new element we can see is an integrated smart lock and video doorbell concept.

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