Earzz - Tiny Smart Home Monitor That Captures The Most Important Sounds At Home
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Earzz is a tiny smart home monitor that captures the most important sounds at home. Smart home security is vital when it comes to knowing who is approaching your doorstep but mere cameras are not good enough. Especially with their limited presence, this is where Earzz the tiny smart home monitor proves to be ingenious.

Many security cames feature audio detection capabilities which alert you when something happens. Though it is up to you to understand if the sounds are a real threat or if it’s just someone approaching your house. Within your home, you won’t have true coverage of the vibrations coming off surfaces and walls. All in all, these devices are limited in what they can hear.

Earzz offers a smart option where you can keep your home safe and secure with this tiny smart home monitor almost the size of your palm. The compact design enables you to keep it anywhere in the house, besides a window or on a kitchen countertop, without attracting too much attention. Since it is reasonably priced and it tiny size allows you the option to place a number of these tiny smart monitors around your house. Transforming them to be your virtual ears that can capture important sounds, from the whistling of a kettle to the opening of the pet door.Earzz is an intelligent audio monitoring tool with a diverse library of sounds and GPS-enabled features. Each monitor can be set to be attentive to a specific sound, allowing you to detect and hear what’s happening at home more efficiently than with traditional alarms. Once it detects the noise, Earzz fires off a notification to your phone, even if you’re not home, including information about the sound type and when it was heard. All of these settings can be adjusted and tuned from Earzz’s mobile app, available for iOS or Android devices.

This smart home monitor listens only to sounds, not human speech. That’s the advantage of Earzz over other smart speakers that need to be constantly attentive. Once a sound clip has been identified, the clip is automatically deleted from the device. We also use high-end security and encryption to ensure your sensitive data is safe from prying eyes.Our lives are full of a range of sounds, and some can have more significance in relation to home security than others. While expensive security cameras might provide useful information, so will the smart home monitor Earzz. For just 71$, which includes the Standard subscription upgrade for backers who take part in the Earzz Super Early Bird Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind about what’s happening at home.- even if you’re not there to hear it.

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