Samsung Home Hub - One Stop SmartThings Control Solution
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Samsung has launched a number of TVs at this year’s CES 2022, along with an announcement on the smart home front with its new Samsung Home Hub, an 8.4-inch tablet. A device that effectively acts as a SmartThings dashboard and a control panel for all your connected Samsung appliances.

The Samsung Home Hub features panels and widgets to control your smart home devices with categories of Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet, Air, Energy, and Home Care Wizard looks like a big display on a Family Hub smart fridge. 

The home hub comes with a charging dock with a battery onboard for portability and also a voice assistant on board too. Though it does not mention Google Assistant or Alexa but supports Bixby voice assistant. Its AI is capable of determining the things you want to see on the display. 

Samsung Home Hub in a press release said, “Soon, you will also have direct connectivity to other devices in your smart home system, such as your lights and door lock system.” Showing signs of its confirmation in the Matter smart home initiative.Samsung Home Hub - One Stop SmartThings Control Solution_1

Earlier at the Samsung Developer Conference in October, the company revealed users will be able to control Matter-enabled devices using not only SmartThings hubs, via smart TVs and the Family Hub smart fridge line-up. For instance, Eve, a HomeKit brand cannot be compatible with SmartThings, but Matter will make that possible. 

Samsung is trying to make it easy for users to control a SmartThings smart home setup as it will make it more versatile than ever with Matter on board.Samsung Home Hub - One Stop SmartThings Control Solution_2

Samsung at CES 2022 revealed that SmartThings Hub software will be included in select 2022 Samsung Smart TVs, Smart Monitors, and Family Hub refrigerators. As of now, you require a dedicated SmartThings smart home hub, such as the discontinued Samsung one, or the newer Aeotec one to create a SmartThings smart home system.

Samsung has not yet disclosed when the Samsung Home Hub will go on sale or how much it will cost, but it is pretty certain it will launch in Korea in March.

It will be interesting to see if SmartThings users will require a dedicated panel than a regular Android or iOS tablet running an app. 

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