SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver
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SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver is essential in every home toolkit. It is designed by Yin Liu, Shi Teng Yuan & Chun Hiu Tseung of Arrowmax and costs $79. The SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver has been the winner of the 2021 Red Dot Product Design Award for its innovative, state-of-the-art design.

The SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver features built-in shadowless lights, an internal motor with 5 modes of torque, and an OLED screen. The OLED screen displays the direction the screwdriver is turning in.

SES PRO is an ideal toolkit to have in every home, office, hobbyist, and workshop. The device comes in the shape and size of a pen which makes it an extremely handy and useful piece of hardware to work with. It is way better than the manual screwdrivers that are bulky need you to twist your elbows a fair bit.SES PRO Smart Electric ScrewdriverThe SES PRO is designed like a tiny handheld drill and is perfect for assembling, disassembling, and fixing gadgets and small products such as electronics or items like watches/spectacles.

The motor is able to deliver anywhere between 0.5 to 2 of torque. Smart Electric Screwdriver is powered by a 32-bit microprocessor that cleverly determines and adjusts the speed, direction, and torque of the driver based on use. The SES PRO comes with 34 replaceable bits that allow you teardown, repair, and assemble items around you.SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver_4

The Smart Electric Screwdriver is 5.3 inches in length, it is almost like a scaled-down version of an electric drill. Its pen-like design makes it easy to grip and maneuver with a single hand.

The four lights located at the tip illuminate the drilling spot without casting shadows. While the magnet inside the driver helps attach driver bits and pick up screws with ease (the driver bit tray demagnetizes them later).SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver_5

The SES PRO is powered by an inbuilt 500 mAh battery that lets it wirelessly operate for 2 full hours, and a USB-C port lets you charge it in between uses.SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver_2

The 4 modes of torque along with the automatic mode allow you to adjust the torque and the direction of the smart screwdriver. The Smart Electric Screwdriver picks up the direction to rotate once you start turning the screw in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You can also view the torque the driver is rotating on the OLED screen. The screen also displays the direction and the driver’s overall battery level.

You may also like the smaller version of SES PRO, the SES Mini. The SES Mini does not feature an OLED screen. It comes with a smaller 350 mAh battery and a single 1.5 torque output.SES PRO Smart Electric Screwdriver_1

Both the models come in easy-to-carry aluminum metal cases. They are not pre-packaged with a USB-C cable, though you can charge the smart electric screwdriver with an existing USB-C charger.

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