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Generally, we tend to ignore the bedroom when it comes to updating technology in your home or when you are planning to build your smart home. We bring you the top 10 tech updates for your bedroom, though there are tons of smart home device options when it comes to making your bedroom more comfortable and functional.

It will certainly be your own personal choice and keeping the budget in mind how much tech you would like to include in your bedroom. We have made a genuine effort to keep it simple, keeping the functional aspects in mind to make your bedroom the best place for you to relax.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub can offer you the option to watch some quality YouTube content while you stay connected with your smart home devices, make video calls, and more. It also features the latest Sleep Tracking feature, it senses both motion and sound. It helps to track metrics like how long you slept and when you woke up. If that is not enough it can also make note of light and temperature changes and also sleep disturbances like snoring or coughing. You will not have to rely on sleep tracking apps anymore or wear a fitness band all night.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is a nice tiny speaker for you if you like to listen to something to help you fall asleep. It can play your favorite songs, playlists, and podcasts or simply ask it to play white noise and other soothing songs. It also adds up as an alarm clock and can sync with your personal calendar. Keep track of all your appointments without having to get out of bed. Additionally, it can connect with your home devices, which means you can control your lights with simple voice command or as usual. So you can go for Google Nest Mini instead of Google Nest Hub as it will deliver you almost all the goods at a lower price tag.

Lenovo’s Smart ClockLenovo’s Smart Clock

Lenovo’s Smart Clock is for people who tend to wake in the middle of the night and grab their smartphones to see what time it is. Lenovo Smart Clock won’t occupy too much of your tablespace on your nightstand and can be charged via USB just like your smartphone. The night light at the back offers a good amount of light for you to gather your bearing if it’s still dark as you wake up.

Chromecast with Google TVChromecast with GoogleTV

Chromecast with Google TV, a must-have device in your bedroom especially if you love watching TV. Will enable you to find your favorite shows and movies from any streaming video service you use, along with live TV. Brings all your TV watching options into a single space. The feature to set a recurring timer via your home ecosystem like Google will automatically turn off your TV at a certain time and ensure it’s not running all night long.

TaoTronics LED Wireless Charging LampTaoTronics LED Wireless Charging Lamp

TaoTronics LED Wireless Charging Lamp is best if you are looking for a bedside lamp and prefer function over form. The streamlined design does not occupy too much space and makes it easy to maneuver it in any direction for extra light if you like to read in bed. The built-in wireless Qi charger at its base makes fast charging compatible for devices at rates up to 10W, and a USB port, while other devices can use wireless charging.

800-Lumen Wyze Bulb

800-Lumen Wyze Bulb is a must for your bedroom as it does not require a separate hub. They offer features that you will never see in normal bulbs. Control them with your voice or the app on your iOS or Android phone. Set it up to run on a set schedule that’ll continue to work even if you’re away on vacation. You can use them with lamps or overhead fixtures. Wyze also offers colored bulbs which offer tunable whites and 16 million colors at up to 1100 lumens.

Anker Wireless Charging StationAnker Wireless Charging Station

Anker Wireless Charging Station is a device to have in your bedroom to recharge you and your devices. Comes in handy when you need to charge compatible devices such as your smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds—wirelessly recharge their batteries. It also supports compatible Qi-charging devices, like the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Pixel Buds, and the Apple iPhone. No need to worry about charging any of your devices as the charging station will have you covered.

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp

If you are looking for a bit of style with functionality, we recommend Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp. A simple design lamp that puts out color lighting along with white light. You can turn the smart lamp on or off using the two buttons at the top and select a specific brightness and color mode. The lamp can also be controlled via the companion iOS and Android apps. As it emits natural light it is an ideal companion for nighttime reading.

Wyze Smart Home PlugWyze Smart Home Plug

Get done with your old gadgets and bring in the Wyze Sm Homeart Plug. A useful device to plug in standard devices like lights, fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, and more. The best part is controlling it with voice commands as you would with a dedicated smart home device. It is not just about getting technology into your bedroom but it offers extraordinary convenience as well. While smart plug requires all devices or appliances connected to have a mechanical on/off switch but not all devices have one.

Bond Hub

Bond Hub adds Wifi to your ceiling fan, just what smart plugs do for lamps and air purifiers. You control the fan via voice command using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The same can be done for turning on its lights if it has one. Additionally, you can also use the companion app on iOS or Android to control it. Easy installation, simply plugs in the BOND device, download the app, and point your fan’s remote at the BOND.

TaoTronics 6L HumidifierTaoTronics 6L Humidifier

TaoTronics 6L Humidifier will keep you healthy, it can stop cold symptoms as well as scratchy throats, nosebleeds, and cracked skin caused by dry air. The device offers quality and is affordable and ideally suits large master bedrooms and even nurseries. Automatically monitors the room’s humidity levels and keeps it down to 55 to 65%. The remote control that comes along with it makes it easy to control when you are across the room. Features such as low-noise operation, waterless shut-off function, sleep mode-dimming LED ensure you are not disturbed while you are trying to rest.