Top 5 Ways to make Old Smartphone Feel New in 2022
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In this article we bring you Top 5 ways to make your old smartphone feel new in 2022. With the introduction of the latest iPhone 14, we get to see the long queues outside stores in some parts of the world. Thanks! to the newest handsets were available for pre-order on Sept. 9 and launched in stores on Sept. 16.

If you are one of those who believes in staying away from shelling out a small fortune to own the latest smartphone. These top 5 ways will make your older phone feel like new again. Here are five of the easiest to do today.

1.Battery Replacement
Many old smartphones have issues related to battery such as it dies early. This issue can be easily fixed by replacing the battery instead of going in for a new smartphone. Battery related issues are one of the main reasons people opt to upgrade to a new smartphone. 

The battery issues are commonly known in phones older than two years or around 500-charge cycles. We believe if everything else is ok with your smartphone a brand new battery for an iPhone X will cost you $70, while one for Samsung Galaxy S10 between $75 and $80. Pretty reasonable when it comes to spending thousands on brand-new handsets coming out.

How to replace your battery if the battery can only hold an 80% charge and is dying?

1.Replace Battery On iPhoneReplace Battery On iPhoneGo to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see your battery’s capacity.

Replace Battery On Most Android Phones
Go to Settings > Device > Battery (or Settings > Battery if you have a newer version of Android).

The information provided on this menu is the same as on an iPhone and lists “Device Idle,” which is identical to the standby mode.

Apps like AccuBattery can help you with the same info, if you cannot easily access the built in feature. 

Keeping your device charged between 30% and 80% can lengthen the lifespan of your battery. You should avoid fully charging or draining your device.

2.Free up spaceFree up spaceKeeping your phone tidy is important just like you keep your room or bedroom clean. 

Think of your smartphone like a room in your home, say your bedroom. With the addition of new physical items, you need the space to move in your room and it’ll be hard to find a place for them. Imagine adding photographs or movies on VHS tapes. Through time, you should remove old items to make space for others.

When the internal storage is almost full, or when memory runs out, the device slows down. If a phone cannot cram in new data because it can’t overwrite old data, it moves like molasses.

Delete any files that are duplicates on your device. They will continue to live in the cloud. Instead of downloading and watching old movies, texts, apps, and more, delete them.

3.Speed Up Your Phone
Restarting your phone every other day can improve its speed and its ability to function. Leaving it on indefinitely can lead to an overfill of unnecessary information that slows down your phone.

Your phone often stores data to load things faster the next time. Using shortcuts speeds up things, and your browser stores a little bit of data to make loading websites easier on your phone.

How to clear your history and cookies on an iPhone?
Go to Settings > Safari, and tap Clear History and Website Data. While using Safari, clearing your history, cookies, and browsing data won’t change your AutoFill information.

How to clear your cookies and keep your history?
Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data.

How to clear your history and cookies on an Android?
Go to Settings > Storage > Cache. To clear all the cache data, Tap on the “Clear Cache” button.

4.Update your Software
Though it is not a necessary software update, upgrading your system to the newest software version can increase performance and decrease chances of error.

After the release of iOS 16, it is important to wait a few weeks until the glitches are patched before upgrading. If you do not own an iPhone 8 (2017), it’s time to upgrade to a newer model phone.

You can update your Android version in the settings app, but know that your OS and security updates are separate.

Device owners of a Google Pixel handset can find out the latest updates, and for Samsung devices that have an OS update for three years or four years. We recommend that you install the latest operating system updates on your phone.

5.Fix the Broken Parts on your PhoneFix the Broken Parts on your PhoneThe cost of replacing a cracked screen, cleaning out a port or repairing a minor water damage is relatively cheaper than buying a new iPhone. For instance, replacing the screen on an iPhone will cost you $279, or $29 if you have AppleCare. It costs $165 to replace the screen on a Samsung Galaxy.

You might not want to go for a newer phone, instead calculate the cost of repairing it. Though if your repair bill is $300 or more, consider getting a newer iPhone.

Use a case to protect your Phone
Another additional tip to keep your phone evershining, use a case to protect it. This will protect the back and sides of your phone. Pretty much a basic task which many people fail to implement. Often ending up walking around with a naked and cracked phones.

Simple maintenance and care can boost not only the shelf life of your phone but also allow you to use it optimally. All this without having to spend thousands on a brand new smartphone. So think wisely before you decide to retire your old smartphone and get a new one.

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