Warning - Check your iPhone NOW – if hidden sensor is red then you’ve got a big problem
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The iPhone comes with a hidden sensor, which you need to keep an eye on. Check your iPhone now to check if the hidden sensor is red as you may have a huge problem.

When your iPhone is damaged by water this sensor turns red. A good warning sign that will allow you to know if you have recently spilled a drink and your phone’s being a bit buggy.

Most of the recent iPhones and iPads models come with Liquid Contact Indicators (LCI). The handy sensor is present in all iPhone 5 onwards models, you can find it where the SIM card is stored.hidden sensor is red then you’ve got a big problemThe sensor remains white or silver which indicates your device has no water damage issues.  All you need to do is remove the SIM card tray and take a look at it. 

According to Apple, using a lighted magnifying glass and angling the light to get a glimpse would prove to be handy. 

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