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iPhones are not cheap but don’t forget they are easy to use and packed with countless features. There are loads of features hidden inside the phone, we will reveal all the amazing iPhone tricks to make your life super easy.

An upscale iPhone might set you back $1000 but it’s worth it, you will know why as you continue reading the article.

Did you know you can use the Notes app to add up as a document scanner? There are loads of such utility treasures hiding inside the numerous menus on the phone.

Amazing iPhone Tricks to Make Your Life Super Easy

As you continue reading, you may think why you didn’t know about these options earlier. Enjoy all the powerful iPhone features that you can customize to your heart’s content.

  • Customize the control center
  • Screen recording
  • Enable dark-mode
  • Back-up apps Automatically
  • Back-up your photos Automatically
  • Backup your Phone Automatically
  • Organize notifications
  • Show notification previews
  • Take a screenshot
  • Open the App Switcher
  • Go to your Home screen
  • Mute
  • Open Siri
  • Turn the volume up or down
  • Use the thesaurus
  • Customize text replacement
  • Set emergency SOS
  • Disable in-app ratings and reviews
  • Get the perfect overhead shot
  • Magnify or zoom
  • Scroll up or down
  • Create custom vibrations
  • Create custom alerts
  • Set up a personal hotspot
  • Go to settings with Siri
  • Quick access with Siri
  • Swipe to delete in the calculator
  • Tape measure
  • Turn your keyboard into a mouse trackpad
  • Sign a document

How to enable Back Tap and set up actions

  1. Open Settings, scroll down, and tap Accessibility.
  2. Under the Physical and Motor category, tap on Touch.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose Back Tap.
  4. From here, tap on Double Tap to set up double-tap and Triple Tap to set up triple-tap.
  5. Select whichever function you’d like for your desired tap. Once you tap on a function, you’ll see a blue checkmark verifying that it’s enabled.
  6. If you decide you don’t like the Back Tap feature you choose, tap None at the top of the screen on the Back Tap settings page. This will clear your selection so you can choose again and keep it blank.

Note: To enable the Back Tap extension of Apple’s accessibility features, you will need an iPhone 8 or later running iOS 14.
Everything else is super easy play around with the options you should be fine with.