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Apple to launch Legacy Contacts feature to share your data after you die. The Legacy Contacts feature has been rolled out by Apple for iPhones and iPads for its developer’s test update for iOS 15 and iPadOS. 

The feature will enable users to designate a contact (or multiple) as a Legacy Contact. This means in the event of the users passing, the designated Legacy Contacts can quickly request access to the deceased’s iCloud data.


The latest feature will possibly be released by Apple along with its next update for iOS 15. Many other platforms offer a similar feature that enables friends and family members to access your accounts if a user dies. Facebook has a feature where a legacy contact can take care of the “memorialized” version of their account. Likewise, friends and family can also request deleting accounts for loved ones who have passed.

Similarly friends and family on Twitter can request the deletion of the account for a deceased loved one. Though there are no options to gain access to the account after death.

Users can also organize their digital life before they die. Additionally, iOS users can also build a digital checklist of all their accounts with passwords, and lock down their smartphones.

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