Google will get rid of the super thick volume slider in Android 12 beta
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Google will get rid of the super thick volume slider in Android 12 beta.

Compared to the brightness slider, the volume slider seems to be mega wide. The size of the button seems to annoy Google as well, now the company decides to make changes to the style by making it more narrow.

The volume slider in Android 12 beta will be much narrower as can be seen in the images below. While the slider, the mute/vibrate/alarm switcher, and other further options will be housed in one single stretched-out pill on the right of the screen.

As the new slider sits on top of a thin line depicting your volume level as you reduce volume, it becomes easy to judge the actual volume of your phone. Earlier it was not easy to know how silent your phone was, as it left behind an empty outline and shrunken down to a circle max.

While beta users can continue to explore the new volume slider, the latest change will certainly offer us the best of both worlds. We are not sure when the new slider will arrive, but one thing is for sure that a slimmer bar with a slimmer slider lies somewhere between Android and the current Android 12 beta. Until then let’s sit back and wait for it to officially arrive.

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