How to Stay Safe from Apps Accessing Data on Your Phone ?
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With you accessing so many apps on your phone it becomes important you stay safe from apps accessing your phone. Apps accessing data on your phone can prove to be troublesome especially when it comes to privacy.

As we regularly download a number of apps we tend to lose count of the ones we rarely use. You too may be aware of this, but if you don’t know how to stay safe from such apps accessing data on your phone, this article will prove to be helpful. But before you hit the uninstall button you need to confirm you delete them in the right way.

Doing it the right way is important as it may prove to make your phone more secure even though it may take some extra time to clear the tracking cookies.

You regularly do this on your computer and this needs to be done on your phone as well. So the next time before you download your favorite apps on Google Play or App Store make sure you keep the unsafe and dangerous apps away from your phone.

How to Stay Safe from Apps Accessing Data on Your Phone ?

1. Check Permission Before Giving Access to Apps

It is always a good idea to check permissions before giving apps access to your camera, microphone, location, and contacts. Generally few apps require such permissions and seldom need them enabled all the time.

In the case of an iPhone, it will notify you about the weather, which can prove to be handy. But the truth is don’t need to have “always-on” location tracking.

While there are many third-party apps that sneak in to collect information on your phone. They achieve this when you enable access permission for such apps. As we get busy we completely forget about the specific permissions set for each app. It’s a good practice to always check this.

Manage App Permissions on an Android phone

  1. Go to Settings > Tap Apps.
  2. Select the app you want to adjust.
  3. Tap Permissions.

Adjust app permissions on your iPhone

  1. Open Settings > Tap Privacy.
  2. Select a category like Photos, Microphone, or Cameras.
  3. Each category comes with a list of apps requesting permission for it.
  4. Slide the toggle to the left next to each app to remove access to that category.

2. Do connect with Facebook Quickly

Many apps and services use social media login to create a new account with your email address or phone number.

Facebook offers a quick way to connect, avoid it. Instead make a new account, as enabling third-party app permission spreads sensitive information to other companies and data brokers.

Additionally, this is a security risk, especially if you are using the same login for many accounts. If one gets hacked it may lead to a lot more, ensure you keep unique passwords for each account you set up.

Hackers, trollers, and creeps can easily end up using the content you posted against you.

3. Protect the Contact list

The contact list on your phone can give away private information, hence you need to protect it.

When you connect your contacts to the app, you’re giving away their phone numbers, email, and maybe even home address, all without their consent.

When you do this, at times you end up giving the app permission to change or add contacts to your address book when you enable this feature.

4. Do not Download Clone Apps

Avoid downloading clone apps such as PDF editors, photo editors, etc, as it may come with hidden malicious apps.

Other apps to stay clear off are flashlight apps or QR code scanners as most of the phones come with these features built-in. Stay clear of installing unwanted apps as this may lead to a bloated phone. Such bloatware apps can lead to further slowing down your smartphone.

5. Keep an eye on the App Reviews

Online reviews at times can be misleading, keep an eye on them. You may have experienced this in the case of Amazon where it’s difficult to know if the five-star reviews are from real people who have tried the products.

In the case of scam apps, the review section can prove to be helpful. As you read through the reviews you will notice a common thread.

Watch out for complaints such as pop-up ads showing, slow phone performance, unexpected charges, or other strange behaviors. These are tell-tale signs which say stay away from this App.

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