iOS 15.1 Beta Re-Enables SharePlay
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Now you can update Apple iOS 15.1 Beta, earlier Apple has officially released iOS 15 for all supported devices. The Apple iOS Beta will allow you to update to additional features you may have to miss out on iOS 15.

The latest Apple 15.1 Beta comes with two additional features earlier announced as part of iOS 15. These two features are Share Play and the ability for users to add COVID-19 vaccine cards to Apple Wallet.

Apple spoke about SharePlay extensively at the WWDC. SharePlay allows users to share the contents of the screen with their friends and family via FaceTime call. SharePlay can also be used to watch movies and shows together or listen to the same songs together with all parties being able to control the media. The feature is almost similar to watch party, though in this case the first party implementation is embedded right into iOS 15.SharePlayIn the earlier iOS 15 version, the SharePlay feature was not available. Now users can enjoy the same in the latest iOS Beta, though earlier Apple had disabled this feature in the Beta 6 release of iOS 15. It was also missing in the stable version of iOS 15.

According to 9to5Mac, the SharePlay is enabled in iOS 15.1 beta, which just shows an indication Apple will include SharePlay in its stable build for iOS 15.1 whenever it starts rolling out.

Another feature to look out for is the ability to add your COVID-19 vaccine card to your Apple Wallet. According to MacRumors, this feature is now available in the latest iOS 15.1 beta. Users can also add personal ID cards as well as their driver’s license. You can now add your COVID-19 card directly to Apple Wallet for easy access at stores, restaurants, airports, or anywhere else where a vaccination certificate is mandatory. It uses Smart Health Cards to verify the information of users in states such as California and Hawaii. Users in these states can add their vaccination cards to the Wallet app.COVID-19 Vaccine Card to Apple Wallet

If you are using iOS 15.1 Beta the COVID-19 vaccine card will be added right away. The feature is expected to be available with the stable release of the iOS 15 updates expected to be released pretty soon.

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