iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models Secret Mac Feature
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The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models feature a secret Mac feature, though this setting is off by default. 

The secret Mac feature is a new accessibility option, that allows the iPhone to play a startup chime like the Mac.You will require to enable the sound that comes alongside a new shutdown chime.

The Mac startup chime has been around since 1987, and the iconic “bong” sound that users recognise was created in 1991. The sound is played upon turning on your computer, to indicate that diagnostic tests have found that there are no hardware or fundamental software problems present.

There are new accessibility features on the newest iPhones, which can make it easier to know when an iPhone is turned on or off. The power-on and power-off sounds feature can only be used with the newer iPhones. The ability to set this feature is not available to old iPhones nor can it be changed by Apple.

Apple added startup and shutdown chimes as an additional accessibility option after many people with low vision and visual impairment requested the ability to easily tell if their phone restarted. “Many users are likely to enable the startup chime option” said Apple.

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