iPhone Patent rivalling Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Feature Spotted
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iPhone Patent rivalling Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera creature spotted just ahead of Samsung introducing a200MP camera with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Though some reports suggest the company may make changes to the telephoto camera.

The latest development by Samsung is to incorporate a camera module that includes image stabilization.

The sensor shift stabilization helps negate hand jitters and blurry images. A technology used currently in DSLRs and has now been introduced to smartphones on models like the Samsung Galaxy. Unlike optical stabilization, sensor shift stabilization doesn’t have a moving lens unit.

Apple has been adapting to a new technology, sensor-shift stabilization, which stabilizes the video by having the sensors move around to counter shakes.

Rumors in 2021 mentioned Samsung may consider a sensor-shift stabilization feature. The patent notes that it’s not just for conventional phones, and could also be used in foldable and rollable devices.

Samsung has a patent for an AI assisted camera that makes it easy to take photos. It is possible that the S23 will have this new camera as well, according to one report.

Newer iPhones have a larger camera bump and this is due to the sensor-shift tech. The Galaxy S23 Ultra render reveals that there is no increased size of the camera modules.

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