Material You Theme may be available for non Google Pixel Phones
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It appears the Material You Theme will now also be available for non-Google Pixel phones. Earlier the dynamic theme by Google in Android was supposedly exclusive for the Google Pixel phone.
XDA Developers discovered evidence that suggests Google is planning to open-source its Material You theming system. The so-called theme is code-named “monet” and will be part of the rumored

Android 12.1 mid-cycle update. Screenshots from the internal AOSP build of Android 12. 1 were also shared on their website.

Earlier Google announced the dynamic UI during Google’s I/O event in May and said it will make its first appearance on devices such as Google Pixel 5a and the upcoming Pixel 6 series. Though the search giant did not mention its availability on other Android devices.

Material You feature a unique level of personalization by matching the color scheme of your operating system’s UI to the color of the wallpaper you choose. The UI creates a rich palette of five colors and 12 shades based on your wallpaper.

However, the open-source release of Android 12 will not have this feature, which means it won’t be available on non-Pixel phones, at least initially. Maybe we get to see it when Google releases Android 12.1.

According to the discovery made by the XDA developers, the wallpaper theming engine may gain an API that other OEMs can use to create their own Android skins. Though Google will decide whether or not to implement the dynamic UI.

However, it is still a mystery if Google will release Android 12.1. As of now, there is no clear indication of when we can expect to see the Material You theme in some of the best Samsung phones and other devices.

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