OnePlus 10T - The Right OnePlus Phone at A Wrong Time
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The OnePlus 10T is an affordable phone that emphasizes performance and gives up cosmetic qualities or a better camera. It is the right OnePlus phone to launch at the wrong time.

OnePlus 10T is too Pricey
The OnePlus 10T has specifications that are as good as the top-of-the line, but it is a little cheaper. It also has some disadvantages, which make it lower than the flagship. All of this makes it seem like the company wants to change their image since they have recently been readmitted to the Oppo camp.

In order to understand how the OnePlus 10T differs from other flagship phones in the recent past, it is important to study the metamorphosis of the company’s T-series upgrades.OnePlus 10T - The Right OnePlus Phone at A Wrong Time-1OnePlus 10T – Evolving to the Next Generation of Technology
From there, the T symbolized a more souped-up version completed with various upgrades. For example, the OnePlus 3T featured larger internal storage and a better processor.

After the 4th generation of T upgrades, the 5th generation featured a different form of upgrade. The OnePlus 5T featured internals that were identical to the OnePlus 5, but with a taller display. The 6T also took a similar approach as OnePlus opted for a taller display with an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus has become a premium manufacturer of smartphones. The OnePlus 7 series brought the company into the flagship segment for 2019. The OnePlus 7T, which was released in late 2018, offers many new features over older models and is completely redesigned.

A while ago, OnePlus released the OnePlus 8 and the 8 Pro to be premium models. Then they released the 8T that was a mid-tier model. They positioned it between their other two models because it had fast charging and a simpler camera module.

The company decided to say the model number 9T off their upcoming devices. The rebranding effort has been successful and attention is currently on working with outside brands, as it they feel they have taken over the mid-range market

The company has launched the OnePlus 10 Pro without a non-Pro variant. So, even though the 10T fills the gap on the 9T, it ends up being the 10 that never was and no one wants because of regression.OnePlus 10T - The Right OnePlus Phone at A Wrong Time-2Potential of the OnePlus 10 model
The OnePlus 10 Pro’s performance and attractiveness set a high standard, while their camera and cooling system mitigated abnormalities in chipset design.

The OnePlus 10 Pro is an aesthetically pleasing device with a mirror-like finish that blends into the aluminum frame. The process of making the device began with sintering the ceramic part, then brushing it for 60 hours over four days. The company previously told us they have made significant progress in developing their design without compromising efficiency.

One may have to stretch to find a space for the OnePlus 10T due to its terrible camera pairing and design. The phone just cannot keep up with the good looks and smart full display of the far-more-expensive 10 Pro.

The phone itself is a bit outdated and doesn’t use bleeding-edge components like phones of today.OnePlus 10T - The Right OnePlus Phone at A Wrong Time-3Why did the OnePlus 10T launch when it did?
With the high price and shifting features, some see the OnePlus 10T not as a successor to the popular OnePlus One. However, those who wanted OnePlus to stick to its original price are now satisfied with the 10T.

It’s a hard decision between the OnePlus 10T and the OnePlus 10 Pro. The OnePlus 10T costs $649 while the OnePlus 10 Pro starts at $799. Both models have top of the range features like better cameras, a more durable design, and an impeccable display; but the 10 Pro also has a bigger battery and marginally better specs to justify its price.

In the OnePlus 10T, the company returns to its past glory but not to the same greatness. The new phone is a step down from the 10 Pro and therefore unremarkable despite its Turbo specifications.OnePlus 10T - The Right OnePlus Phone at A Wrong Time-4Related Articles:
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