Pre Orders Samsung’s New Galaxy S22 Smartphone to Come With NFTs
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Pre Orders of Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Smartphone will come with NFTs. Samsung also has a go trying to max leverage publicity around the launch of its latest device with NFT. 

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer in partnership with crypto project Theta Labs, will be offering commemorative NFTs to customers who pre-order Samsung’s New Galaxy S22 smartphone or the new S8 tablet, at least in South Korea. 

According to Theta Labs co-founder and CEO Mitch Liu, the NFT offers will be equipped with “ongoing membership benefits and privileges.” Though not much information about the same has been revealed by the platform. 

Blockchain project Theta Network is developed by Theta Labs which also runs the crypto-native video streaming service called Its native THETA token promotes its networks consisting of the esports and video streaming niche and incentivizes their activity on its platforms.

Samsung’s latest offering will also generate interest amongst users and attract them to Theta’s NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop. Customers who end up preordering Samsung’s Galaxy S22 or Tablet S8 can claim their NFTs by registering with ThetaDrop and applying a unique code generated through their “Samsung Members” app. 

Samsung has earlier also explored the crypto world and also been in a similar tie-up with the Theta Network.  In 2019, the South Korean company invested in Theta labs as part of its focus on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech, and more. 

Back then the electronic giant added Samsung Blockchain Keystore and Wallet to its Galaxy smartphones, this enabled users to store their cryptocurrency private keys in Knox, a secure enclave on the device that’s isolated from the main operating system. They were also able to access them using a PIN or biometric authentication. Later in 2021, Samsung also added support for hardware wallets

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