Samsung Galaxy S21
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Sales have been bad for Samsung last year due to the ongoing pandemic, but now Samsung Galaxy S21 breaks pre-order records. The company promises to bounce back, signs of which are already beginning to show. Though the company managed to deliver 6 percent of YoY smartphone shipment growth in the last quarter of 2020 but is expecting a low number of shipments of Samsung Galaxy S2. But there is good news for Samsung as things have changed as it seems the latest Samsung flagship phone could be more popular.

Already Samsung Galaxy S21 is showing great results in South Korea and in the United Kingdom. This reflects in the magnificent sales figures for the phone in the two countries. All pre-order records have been broken. In terms of pre-orders, Samsung Galaxy S21 has outperformed Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was the crowd puller, accounting for more than 50 percent of pre-orders in the UK.

The exact numbers have not been revealed by Samsung UK, we can expect to get more information by the end of Q1. It is not new for Samsung where the Plus variant got more attention, it received a similar response with its Galaxy S20 series earlier last year. The picture would be more clear by the end of Q1 where we get to see which model topped the sales chart.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 features an AMOLED display, great power efficiency, fantastic cameras, and every other ‘Ultra’ feature which makes it the reason for all the attention.

Samsung UK is offering discounts on Samsung Galaxy S21 on While you can grab a Vanilla variant for around $75, while Galaxy S21 Plus will cost you $200, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for $400 under the device exchange offer.