Next Generation Flexible Displays
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Samsung Reveals its next generation flexible displays, a range of new OLED panel options. SamMobile in a blogpost, showcased the prototypes at the Display Week 2021 event.

Among the range of prototypes was a double folding OLED panel, that can be used as a smartphone. The screen has a max size of 7.2 inches when unfolded, while the main display is between the one on the Galaxy Z Flip (6.7-inches) and the Galaxy Fold 2 (7.6-inches).

There are a number of manufacturers such as TCL, LG who have introduced OLED form devices which slide out with rollable screens. Samsung also revealed a similar slidable OLED display that extends horizontally.Next Generation Flexible Displays Maybe we just get to see a folding Galaxy Tablet from Samsung, as it unveiled a 17-inch foldable panel at the event. The display aspect ratio is 4:3 when unfolded, this is larger than the 13.3-inch screen on Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable PC.Next Generation Flexible DisplaysSamsung also unveiled the Under Panel Camera display solution for notebooks the company had teased It features the front camera mounted under the panel, this offers a true edge-to-edge panel.Next Generation Flexible Displays

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