Samsung Self Repair Program Enables Owners to  Fix their Devices
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Samsung’s self-repair program will allow owners of its Galaxy smartphones and some other devices to fix themselves The latest Samsung self-repair program is similar to the one Apple introduced for its smartphone and some other devices to make their own repairs. 

Samsung will collaborate with iFixit, the program will cover Galaxy S20 and S21 devices as well as the Galaxy Tab S7. With this device owners will be able to replace display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports themselves. They will be able to take the older parts and return them for recycling. 

This decision to give people the ability to repair their phones on their own is a bold one. Samsung launched the new Galaxy S22 phone series and brought a huge change to its future phones and tablets. All these devices will be using material made from recycled fishing nets. With this Samsung has hit the right spot as it not only helps the environment but also the natural habitat as the fishing nets tend to endanger marine life.Samsung Self Repair Program Enables Owners to  Fix their Devices-1With the Right to Repair drive gaining momentum, the introduction of the Samsung Self Repair program is a step in the right direction. Samsung has followed the steps of Apple, which has a similar program in place for its smartphone and device users. Samsung Self Repair program will cover  Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy Tab S7+ devices as of now.Samsung Self Repair Program Enables Owners to  Fix their Devices-2The repair program will encourage the culture to repair smartphones rather than buy a new ones. While the broken or irreparable parts from the smartphones will be sent back to Samsung. Samsung on their part will take care of disposing of their responsibilities or recycling them. Consumers will have the permission and tools to repair their own devices without having to pay anyone. 

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