Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone
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Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone can fold, roll and features many screens. The market of foldable phones is limited with users hesitating to opt for foldable phones, there is no shortage of vendors manufacturing such phones. Many of them are involved in carrying our research and tests on phones with rollable screens as well. 

The mobile market already has a number of mobile manufacturers venturing in the rollable phone segment. Tecno is one such vendor coming up with some bold concepts recently. The latest addition is a concept of a phone whose screen both folds and rolls yet still has two additional displays for good measure.

If you are looking for appropriate screen size and portability, foldable phones are an ideal choice. Many phones do offer huge screens but are not convenient when you keep it in their pockets or small bags. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the OPPO Find N2 foldable phones offer a small phone-sized device that has a tablet-sized display. Though the display is not a match for something like an iPad when it comes to size. Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone_1The tablet in your pocket experience can be ideally achieved by combining foldable and rollable technologies. Phantom Vision V concept phone opens to reveal the flexible display inside, but it still has one trick up its sleeve. 

The foldable phone’s left side expands further, rolling out additional screen real estate that would be equivalent to a 10.1-inch tablet with a more normal rectangular aspect ratio.

Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone also interestingly features yet another small display below the camera array on its back. It mimics the cover display of flip-type clamshell foldables that offer a more restricted set of functionality, specifically for notifications and quick actions. Likewise it is used for taking selfies using the more powerful rear cameras.Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone_2Phantom Vision V concept phone seems to have a traditional cover display on the opposite side though it is unclear from the videos and images available. This will enable users to use it like a regular phone when folded close.Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone_3Additionally the possibility of a rollable side of the screen that can be used in that external part, eventually managing to save on the components and build costs.Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone_4The Tecno Phantom Vision V concept phone will have no concerns about durability, though the flexible part of the screen will be exposed on the outside. Being a concept design it is still early to predict when the phone will actually see broad daylight.

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